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armen The Lord's payer | Aramaic

The Lord's payer | Aramaic

Unique Lord's Prayer in the Aramite language, the languge that was spoken at Jesus times in the Holy land. printed, size:21*15 c"m.

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abu30 Water Jug | Clay

Water Jug | Clay

Classic ancient replica of water jug. natural water filter,1.5 litter in volume. Hand made in Hebron.

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tea35 Weight loss Chinese Herbal Tea

Weight loss Chinese Herbal Tea

Sea of Herbs  - Chinese Herbal Tea - for weigth loss. good for: Decrease Appetite, Fat Burner, Metabolism Booster , Gas & Constipation....

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zat18 Za'tar | Thymus | 500 gr

Za'tar | Thymus | 500 gr

0.5 kg of the original Za'atar (Za'tar)  mix from Jerusalem. (Thymus)

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Franc80 "Daily Mass" | Basilica of the Holy Sepulcher

"Daily Mass" | Basilica of the Holy Sepulcher

 Daily Mass of the Franciscan Minor of the Holy Sepulcher, Jerusalem. 29 parts, 79 minutes of the wonderful singing of the Friars of the Holy...
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nr8r Rosary Ring | silver | Jerusalem Cross

Rosary Ring | silver | Jerusalem Cross

Original Sterling 925 Silver Rosary Ring - Jerusalem Cross - Available in 2 Sizes:  10-12 .  Made in the old city of Jerusalem. Free...

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elchb3 Leather bag Jerusalem

Leather bag Jerusalem

Jerusalem Leather Bag II – High Quality Handcrafted Leather Bag. 100% leather.  Handcrafted by a leather artist from Jerusalem. size:...

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GMJS2 Jesus Cross

Jesus Cross

Jesus Cross  . Fine olive wood Cross 'with soil from Jerusalem . Size: height 20 cm, width 13.5 cm. Made in Bethlehem.

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