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Model Image Item Name Price
nr15 Russian silver Cross

Russian silver Cross

size 27 x 19, silver, made in Jerusalem

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nr91 Silver Russian Cross

Silver Russian Cross

size: 30 x 17 mm, Silver, made in Jerusalem

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nr8 Silver special Crucifix medallion

Silver special Crucifix medallion

SIZE: 45 X 19 MM , SILVER, made in Jerusalem, replica of the  Vatican Crucifix

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nr16 Crucifix pendant | Sterling Silver 925

Crucifix pendant | Sterling Silver 925

size 20 x 13 mm, silver, made in Jerusalem

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nr23 Jesus face , silver

Jesus face , silver

Size: 15 x 12 mm, silver, hand made in Jerusalem

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nr18 Silver Crucifix | Pendant

Silver Crucifix | Pendant

size 30 x 23 mm, made in Jerusalem-  silver Crucifix

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nr4 Jesus face- silver Cross

Jesus face- silver Cross

Unique - Size: 36 x36 mm , silver, made in Jerusalem

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nr5 Mary and Jesus medallion

Mary and Jesus medallion

Size: 15 x 10 mm, silver , made in Jerusalem

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nr6 Silver Cross

Silver Cross

Size 21 mm, silver, made in Jerusalem-  Crucifix Medallion

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nr7 Tomb of Jesus medallion

Tomb of Jesus medallion

size: 25 mm, silver, made in Jerusalem
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nr9 Special Silver Crucifix pendant

Special Silver Crucifix pendant

size- 25 x 13 mm ,  silver , made in Jerusalem, second side:

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